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QTech is one of the leading inspection company.We have the Supply Partners.We supply around the world.We offer equipment rental, contracting, sales and project engineering services. Our experience is not limited to one industry, we have successfully and professionally delivered a wide range of advanced inspection solutions to the oil & gas,  energypetroleum retail, pharmaceuticalsphysical assets and process industries.

Our Main Supply is UTG, UFD, ultrasonics, flawdetectors, leak detectors,blacklight, flashlights, yokes, trasnducers, probes, cables, test blocks, eddy current, TOFT, penetrants, magnetic ink, Nuke Safeguard, K8, bleepers, monitor, radiation meters, surveymeters, darkroom accessories, exposure accessories,radiation safety, holiday detectors, paint coating gauges, pipe loator, pit gauge, profile gauge, welding gauge, hotspot viewers, high intensity illuminators, high intensity viewers, safelights, flash  x-ray, dryer, UV flashlights, pie gauge, castrol strips, lead screens, film cassettes, film hangers, used Equipment, collimators, wire penetrameters, exposure calculators, gold karat goldcheck, lemo connectors, PMI,positive materials analysers, gas detectors, gas monitors, lead numbers, lead letters, x-ray films, NDT films, NDT chemicals, densitometers,  thermagraphy, infrared imager, thermometers, lead gloves, permanent yokes, ac yokes, battery yokes, test gauges, lead shots, educational kits, flaw specimens, and others testing Equipment, nondestructive test equipment, NDT Equipment.  All trade enquiries are most welcomed be it RFQs for NDT materials supply or if you are a NDT products.

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